We provide both onsite and online consultant services to assist your company to deliver the best possible textile print pattern developments. From examining existing practices and processes, identifying root of challenges, idealizing new solutions, providing production ready artworks guidelines to conducting direct or/and remote communications with oversea factories, we are here to share with you our knowledge and experience so you can achieve the most excellent end products. Below, we compiled the essential information for this service. If you need further details or simply have an idea/proposal in mind, please write to us. We want to hear from you because our goal is to help and facilitate our clients’ creative processes by making everything easier.

The scenario

  • Have you ever find yourself in situations where things just do not quite add up? It is not unusual for a designer to get frustrated with factories because of abundant restrictions they set forth. Sometimes, it might feel as if nothing can be achieved and everything is impossible. Constantly, you were thrown at reasons that can be way too complicated or too technical to be comprehended: the specific dye stuffs and dye formulas, the mesh counts, the color limitations, the print bed size restrictions, colors out of gamut, bleeding issues ... At end of day, you often receive strike offs that were delayed for weeks, or were marked as BCD (Best Can Do). Even worse, you might notice that the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th submits might look like nothing had been improved, or, bulk cuttings were different out of tolerance from the approved strike-off. The discrepancies seemed to be constant and you were wondering where laid the real problem. Regardless the situations, the key question has always been how you can ensure your end products will retain the integrity of the beautiful original artworks?

The Process

  • We will start by meeting with you and your team online or in person to discuss the challenges you are currently facing.
  • The initial meeting is extremely casual. However, to ensure we gain a clear understanding of the roadblocks you are facing, it is highly recommended that you attend the meeting with your production partner and bring supporting materials for one case study.
  • The suggested materials for the case study includes but not limited to original concept, the finalized artwork, the production ready files, hard copies sent to factory (if any), examples of communications at various key stages of development, 1st strike off, subsequent strike offs (if any), communication examples for strike off comment, final bulk cuttings, and/or PPS (Pre-Production Sample)
  • We will establish on the objective of the consultancy during the meeting. We will follow up with you on the following business day with the plan, listing the total cost and duration of the consultancy along with the summary of the established objective.