We accept commissions to create a specific print pattern artwork, an entire collection of print pattern artworks, or/and a series of collections of print pattern artworks for your seasonal deliveries. Below, we compiled the essential information for this service. If you need further details or simply have an idea/proposal in mind, please write to us. We want to hear from you because our goal is to help and facilitate your creative process by making everything easier.


The scenarios

  • You and your team have specific color palettes in mind and you want to commission customized artworks based on those color stories.
  • You and your team are obsessed with certain amazing imageries that are becoming the key sources of inspirations for your upcoming collection. You are envisioning print patterns stories that carry on the feeling and ambiance of those imageries. The ideas, however, might be very ambiguous and you need help to translate those vague concepts into actual designs.
  • You went on a field trip and came back with images of old tapestries. Everybody in your team love the patterns on the tapestries and feel they work perfectly into the folkloric story you are building. Now, you will need expert help to translate those reference pattern into modern designs that go with your existing print story and color palette. You also need the perfect production ready artworks to be delivered to the factories in timely manner.
  • There are existing artworks that you own and wish to use as the starting point for the upcoming collection. You might wish to create additional coordinates to complete the existing concept or to extend into a full new print story.
  • You are working on multiple collections across multiple categories at once. You teams have been working days and nights. Everybody is exhausted and urgently need the doses of fresh ideas. You are open to explore but need original ideas that are tailored specifically to your brand DNA. You want something familiar and safe yet exciting and new. It has to strike an emotional connections with both your existing and future new customers.

The Process

  • We will start by meeting with you and your team to discuss you particular scenario. This initial meeting will be conducted in person, on the phone or via video chat. You can request this meeting by clicking the Contact Us button above or simply giving us a call at +1 (929) 324-0412. The goal for this meeting is for us to identify your specific needs, timeline and budget. It is also an opportunity for you to get to know us and how we can help you.
  • After meeting with you, we will work out a plan, outlining how we can help you within the timeframe you have on hand. The turnaround time can be as urgent as overnight, as short as couple of days or as ongoing as months. In this plan, you will also find out information about commission fee, milestone meeting (applicable for long term project only), delivery deadline and hand-off expectations.
  • If the project is of non-urgent nature, we will follow up with you on the following business day; if your project is of an urgent nature, we will quote you the exact time for the delivery and the total cost for commissions within the same day of our meeting. 
  • For complicated and long-term projects, it might be necessary for you to gather the relevant materials to share with us. Such materials can be (but not limited to) imageries of inspirations, research tears, specific design motifs, color palettes, as well as past selling reports, best sellers and popular colors for your brand. 
  • Any later amendments after the agreement will always be made in writing upon discussions.