House of June.

A vision to enrich and inspire the world of surface designs with its original artworks. 

A monthly delivery of print pattern collections that are to captivate and impress the imaginations. 

A commitment to use digital technologies to execute expressive designs. 

A dedication to promote the idea of the freedom to create without boundaries.

At House Of June, the diversity of the collections show that we think of the entire fashion world. We think of brands who love the vibrant colors; we think of the labels who celebrate sobriety of demurring tones; we think of designers who always gravitate toward the ”more is better” maximalism; we think of houses whose codes continue to celebrate the legacy of the minimalism.

This thought process pushes us to approach our designs with no boundaries and no limitations.

What gave rise to such liberation and audacity is our awareness that the sparks of ideas can ignite our imaginations at any moments and come from every direction. However a design idea originates, what follows is a mostly organic and intuitive process through which we enter into communion with our creations. With the presence of mind, body, and spirit, we are intimately connected with every one of our designs. We firmly believe it is because of this profound bond that each HOUSE OF JUNE™ artwork feels sumptuous and rich in its own way.

House Of June.

Here, We have given ourselves the permission to be completely free of the constrained and commit ourselves to our own innate senses. We believe that authenticity does not arise from the careful analysis. Rather, it is the feelings and emotions, residing within ourselves, that give birth to that genuineness.