Flavor of Yellows


The color of yellow has always been an attention-grabber. From art to design, real life to catwalks, uniform to taxi, yellow commands our awareness when we see it. It alerts us and stimulates our visual senses.

In the world of fashion, while we have been seeing the vibrant yellow electrifying the menswear market, particularly the youthful streetwear and sporty outerwear, there are strong signs that the various shades of yellow have been penetrating womenswear market as well. What we noticed was that, regardless the season, yellow has been consistently presented on the women's catwalks. In this report, we will be highlighting seven key Pantone yellow shades, from the softly citrusy Acacia 13-0640 TCX to intensely sunny Vibrant Yellow 13-0858 TCX. Whether you are wrapping up your spring developments or at full swing conceiving the fall deliveries, we hope that you will find a way to integrate some bits of yellow hues into your collections.