Dots & I


When it comes to the dots, we often think them as the representation of innocent sweetness, flirty feminine, the cheerful era of 1950's and, Minnie from Walt Disney. While evenly spaced dots were difficult to make pre-Industry Revolution, in modern days, those patterns are so ubiquitous that we often don't give a second thought. So, how do the brands take this very classic pattern and give them enough twists to grab our attentions?? 

For AW2017, the designers at NYFW offered plenty of dotted patterns and embellishments. There was Zimmerman's black and white off-shoulder tiered ruffle dress with contrasting dots that would surely satisfy our longings for the ultra feminine. On the other hand, Gabriela Hearst offered the downtown art crowd this super ridged button-down one-piece woven jumpsuit with quirky polka-dots/rainbow stripes/glen plaid patchwork that combines perfectly the easy of urban comfort with the confidence of artistic expression. Whether it was the classic polka-dots done differently as Carolina Herrera did so magnificently, or, the pop-art montage multiplied a thousand by Jeremy Scott, we loved the interpretations of the dotted patterns on the New York runway this season. 

If you are thinking to bring some dotted magic into your developments, we compiled a brief report below, highlighting some noteworthy trends how the dots were interpreted during this season at NYFW. In short, we feel that dot is at its most impactful when being used simply. By contrasting the size and color while staying mindful with the placement, this lovely pattern can become a powerful visual vehicle that projects cheerful happiness and playful optimism.



Achieving the exaggerated graphic effortlessness by retaining the simplicity of circle shape and focusing on the daring exploration of the color, size and composition variations


Fashion can be fun when it is done right. The circus montage approach puts two completely disparate motifs together and produces the visual impact that is as powerful as conversational. The key is to refrain from the innate tendency to pile more than two elements in one composition. This is less about maximalism and more about storytelling. So, staying focused on narrative is a must.


Rather than being the main character, in this decorative remixing method, our dotted friends stay tiny in size and were often sparsely and irregularly placed over or in-between main motifs. Whether they were tossed against dark or colored ground, there was a strong out-of-space atmospheric feeling, providing an appropriate hint for the arrival of the darker and moodier fall and winter season.


A personal favorite way to bring in some hand-drawn touch, the artistry practice leverages the imperfections and accidental serendipities to add imaginations to the mix. We particular love the Canadian label, Beaufille's discharge print with oversized doodle dots in washed caramel-beige color, placed so freely against the black ground. 


Finally, here are the lady-like polka-dots that are forever classic and can be easily updated through clever stylings and garment constructions. Our favorite?? With the latest obsession over the rise of modest fashion, it is definitely the lovely goth lolita at Jill Stuart in her black high-waisted dress with the sheer 2tone foil dotted organza overlaying the fitted dotted bodice.