Production Ready File (included in each download link) 

  • Using ONLY Photoshop to open the file. ALWAYS enabling layers panel and turning on the guidelines. 

  • The color profile is Adobe RGB (1998). The DPI is 200. 

  • Depending on if the artwork was created with intention for screen printing, digital/sublimation printing or both, you will find either 1, 2 or multiple production ready versions insid e the file. Please referring to the label on the individual layer within the Photoshop layers panel to identify the version(s).

  • If the production ready file contains more than one single repeat, you will find a separate layer labeled as "single repeat block", containing a gray colored box, which was there to help you quickly identify the artwork repeat tile. You can also use guides to help you to locate the repeat tile as well. The exact repeat size and type of repeat were also listed right below the artwork. 

Swatch File (included in each download link) 

  • 100% true size scale artwork in repeat. This file provides an overview of artwork layout. It is a great visual tool for your team and your mills to understand how the print would look like when in repeats. 

Working Layer File (included when applicable) 

  • When an artwork was created using multiple layers, filters, motifs, a separate working layer file would be included in your digital download link. ONLY opening the file using Photoshop. Please ALWAYS enable the layers panel. Whenever necessary, we label the layers with key information. This is the file you use when you need to make extensive alterations to the artwork or to create additional coordinates. You can locate all applicable elements used in creating the artwork within this file. Please keep in mind that the layer order goes from bottom and up. If you wish to trace the progression how the artwork was constructed, please start from the bottom layer on the layer panel and move upwards. In the case where this file is absent from your download link, it means that no working layers are available due to the nature how the artwork was created.

AI File (included when applicable) 

  • When an artwork contains elements created in Illustrator, an AI file will be also included in your digital download link. Please always be sure to check swatch, symbol panels, layers and art board panels for additional information (if available). The compatible Illustrator version is Illustrator 17 and above.

Visualization File(s) (Available upon request) 

  • For each artwork, we provide one or images with model wearing a garment that was digitally draped with the print. The purpose is to provide a quick scale, proportion and placement reference for the purchased artwork. We hope that the images will serve as a starting point for your discussions of how to use this artwork to fulfill your brand's creative vision. Please kindly note that those images can ONLY be used internally and for in-house visualization purpose. It is not to be used for social media sharing nor any other purposes. You will find the available images on the production page. Please email to request the high resolution jpg file.

CAD Files (Available upon request) 

  • Depending on the nature of artworks, sometimes, either in additional to, or in place of the visualization file, we provide one or more CAD files to quickly showcase the prints on various styles and silhouettes. This is mostly used for our fashion accessories and home interior clients. When applicable, you will find the available images on the production page. Please email to request the high resolution jpg file.

Updated: November 1st, 2018